What Educators Say about
the Rock Detective Program

"The hands-on interdisciplinary activities of Rock Detective are engaging, provocative, effective, and facilitate cooperative learning, I have used the activities with elementary school students and with teachers in all of my workshops and earth science institutes. Students enjoy rock Detective, because they are of interest to them. Teachers feel comfortable with the detective approach, and all would like to obtain materials to use in their classrooms. If you could get more of these kits into the hands of teachers, I suspect many more kids (as well as teachers) would be 'turned on' to science."
- - Harold Banks, Jr. , Museum Educator,  Life and Earth Sciences, Washington, D.C 

"Wow! Wonderful! I can't say how thrilled I am with the Rock Detective Kit that arrived today. It's very comprehensive. It involves great hands-on, experiential activities that I think the kids will love. I know I can't wait to try some myself. Thanks again!"
- - JDM A California Elementary School Teacher

"The class of 15 (ninth grade) students did show an increase in knowledge after we discussed the rocks as per your directions.

"As a member of the Curriculum Task Force charged with rewriting the science curriculum K-12, I intend to pass the kit to our elementary teacher who will be doing rocks and minerals in the 3rd grade."
-- SMS, PhD Science Teacher, A Massachusetts Regional High School

What KIDS Say


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