Geology in a Bucket
        LOAN KIT 


At least 35 rocks, fossils and minerals in a 5-gallon bucket

Earth Science Mysteries -- Students will spend hours

They will Become Rock Detectives


  • Introduce Geology Activities to your students in one or many programs
  • Several weeks of Geology Activities for homeschoolers
  • Activities exceed National Science Education Content Standards recommended by the National Research Council  
  • Comes with Notebook containing complete instructions, extensive resources and exciting teaching techniques    
  • Includes Mysteries about Rocks, Fossils, Minerals and Uniques
  • Metamorphic, Sedimentary and Igneous Rocks
  • Fossils like Shark's Teeth, Dinosaur Poop, Brachiopods
  • Minerals like Calcite and Quartz 
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Ruth Deike
Rock Detective Geoscience Education
395 Deer Run Drive
Nellysford , VA 96080

Phone: 434-263-3737



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