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High Marks - Quotes from a Questionnaire

"My son's appreciation of geology has been heightened because of your product. Now he's a real rock hound!"

"These were the most beautiful rock samples I have ever seen in a kit! They were big and and easy to use."

"When the kids got home they talked about using their five senses, collecting rocks and being able to identify some rocks in our area." 
-- Konos Kids Homeschool Group, Wilmington, DE

"There were enough activities that if one was too simple or too hard, there were still plenty of others to do. All were thought provoking and helped promote the scientific method of thought." 

"The activities helped the students think like a scientist - observe and ask questions with the goal of really finding out something. The kinesthetic approach helped my son retain info long after the rock day. He learned a great deal!"

"It provided so much info about rocks right in our classroom. The hands-on experience was great!"



Ruth Deike
Rock Detective Geoscience Education
395 Deer Run Drive
Nellysford , VA 96080

Phone: 434-263-3737



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