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     Your class of detectives will meet our Executive Director and Geologist, Ruth Deike. She helps students solve earth mysteries and discover earth science concepts. Lots of interaction and learning happens during these class presentations.

     Deike developed the "Become a Rock Detective" program and started working with kids over a decade ago. To her amazment, she heard dozens of, Oh, Wows! from the kids. They loved the program, so ultimately she retired from her career in research geology and founded our organization to make the mysteries and the program available to classes worldwide. She has taught thousands and loved every minute.

     Become a Rock Detective has won teacher accolades for providing accelerated learning; and, in 2001 Deike received the Marcoux Award from the Maine Science Teachers Association for the Best Informal Teacher.  The program takes about 2 hours, and class size can be up to 50 students. Order Online,  or Call  530-526-0858.
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Ruth Deike
Rock Detective Geoscience Education
395 Deer Run Drive
Nellysford , VA 96080

Phone: 434-263-3737



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