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162-Loess, Alaska $6.00
Mystery includes rock, fossil, or mineral sample and Mystery questions with teaching instructions.

-- A bag of loess from Fairbanks, Alaska

-- To introduce the windblown sedimentary deposit called loess
-- To introduce the notion that tons of sediment accumulated in Alaskan River valleys, 10,000 years ago as glaciers melted
-- To study the geography of Alaska, and practice locating places with latitude and longitude.
-- To discuss the origin of loess in Fairbanks (it was blown out of the nearby river valley and
deposited on the surrounding area)
-- To discuss the problems loess has caused for the city of Fairbanks
-- To introduce the notion that loess contains no clay-sized grains and therefore doesn’t stick together well--and, to discuss the way this can effect foundation design of houses
-- To consider how the grain size, texture and mineral composition of loess can effect soil for growing food

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