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160-Cobbles and Coral, St John USVI $15.00
Mystery includes rock, fossil, or mineral sample and Mystery questions with teaching instructions.

-- Two cobbles from St. John, US Virgin Islands (see Figure 2)
One cobble composed of greenish-gray keratophyre (an extremely fine grained, silica-rich igneous
rock, generally extrusive, that contains more sodium than potassium)
One cobble composed of white modern coral that has been rounded by the ocean surf

-- To provide the opportunity to examine the geography and geology of the Caribbean area of the
Atlantic Ocean
-- To introduce the concept of mixed provenance, that is, more than one source for sediments
-- To introduce the concept of depositional energy; in this case the high energy of a hurricane
-- To introduce the Caribbean tectonic plate
-- To show that millions of years ago the tectonic plates were in very different positions than they are today, and that plates can travel long distances
-- To show that fossils can be very important clues to the age and origin of rocks

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