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191-Granite and Gabbro $10.00
Mystery includes rock, fossil, or mineral sample and Mystery questions with teaching instructions.

-- A piece of granite clearly showing coarse crystal grains
-- A piece of dark-colored gabbro

-- To introduce two major igneous rock types, granite and gabbro
-- To recognize mineral differences between granite and gabbro based upon color and weight
-- To introduce the layers of the Earth (Core, Mantle, Ocean Crust and Continents)
-- To introduce the notions that, 1) igneous rocks form miles beneath the ground, 2) rocks melt to form magma inside the Earth, 3) granite forms from melted continental rocks, and gabbro forms from melted mantle rocks, and, 4) the different color, weight and mineral composition between gabbro and granite can be explained by their different origins inside the Earth

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