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161-Chalk-England $9.00
Mystery includes rock sample and Mystery questions with teaching instructions.

-- A piece of Cretaceous age chalk(eg. from the southeast coast of England)

-- To introduce the carbonate rock called, CHALK
-- To show that chalk is made of the mineral, calcite (CaCO3) which reacts with acid (eg. vinegar) producing bubbles of the gas, carbon dioxide (CO2)
-- To show that rocks can be made of billions of tiny, tiny fossils
-- To show that these fossils are from tiny sea plants, called coccolithophorids that live in the ocean. The fossils are called coccoliths, and are cast off, or shed from the tiny plant cells
-- To introduce the concept that coccolithophores can store CO2 in ocean sediments
-- To open a discussion about the astounding notion that during the Late Cretaceous and Paleocene Periods of geologic time, some 60 to 100 million years ago, much of England and two-thirds of Europe were under water; and the United States was two land masses separated by a shallow sea that was also rich in coccolithophores

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