Health and Welfare Trust (HWT)  Private Health Services Plans (PHSP)

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Health and Welfare Trusts, also known as Private Health Services Plans (PHSP), or Health Spending Accounts (HSA), are government-created tax shelters designed to allow small businesses to pay for medical expenses with before-tax dollars.

Health and Welfare Trusts are not insurance. Each employee is provided with a special bank account which they can use to pay for medical or dental costs. This bank account is 100% funded by the employer. Benefits paid out through a Health and Welfare Trust are deductible to the employer and non-taxable to the employee.

If you are self employed, incorporated or not, and you incur medical costs such as prescription drugs, eye glasses, dental expenses, etc., you need a Health and Welfare Trust. Stop paying for your medical expenses with after tax dollars!

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More info about Health and Welfare Trusts (PDF) from HMR Insurance in Victoria

Expenditures that are covered by an HWT insurance plan (PDF)


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