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The Bosch Universal Stainless Steel Bowl parts are all available,with the exception of the steel bowl itself.

Splash Ring for Bosch Universal
Bosch Universal Splash Ring Will fit White Universal bowl and Stainless steel bowls that have 3 tabs for connecting.  Will not fit the Bosch Universal Plus bowl, which has 4 tabs for connecting ...
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Bosch Universal Clear Lid
BOSCH Universal Clear Lid This is to be used only when making items that splash and is not to be used while making bread. ...
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Stainless Steel Bowl Drive Pin
Original Stainless Steel Bowl Drive Pin.   This is the drive that pops out of the bottom for cleaning.  It turns the dough hook in the bowl.  Comes with O ring included 2638 ...
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Original Stainless Bowl Inside Gasket for Bushing
Original Stainless Steel Bowl White Gasket for Bushing. You can screw off the white nut on the bottom of the bowl and remove the bushing on the inside and change the white gasket on your bowl. Sold i ...
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Stainless Bowl O'Ring Gasket for Drive Pin
 Original Style Stainless Bowl O-Ring Gasket for Steel Drive Pin (approx. 1" diameter).   Tip: The Drive Pin can be removed from this bowl by simply pushing or tapping f ...
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Original Steel Bowl Bushing
Original Stainless Bowl Bushing If you screw off the bottom nut on the bowl the bushing will pop out the middle.  It is recommended if you change the bushing to replace the white bushing gasget. ...
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Stainless Bowl Nut
Original Stainless Bowl Nut screws on an off the bottom of the bowl.  Holds the bowl in place on the Bosch machine.   263847 Cover282724 Splash Ring (3 Tab)   Dough Hook Not av ...
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Original Stainless Bowl Drive Bushing Set
Includes the Nut, Bushing, Gasket and Drive Nut (with o-ring gasket)   263847 Cover282724 Splash Ring (3 Tab) 049607 Drive Bushing Set020887 Bushing047972 Gasket for Bushing 020888 Nut15303 ...
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