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Bosch Universal Attachments

Make your Bosch Universal do whatever you want to do.  Add a Blender, Food Processor or Meat Grinder, and the heavy-duty motor will let you do the task at hand with ease.  Why have several machines in your kitchen taking up space?  The Bosch Universal will do it all!

Bosch Universal Cake Paddles
BOSCH Universal Cake Paddles Have your cake and eat it too!  Introducing our newest accessory for the Bosch Universal Mixers- the cake paddles!  Cake paddles work great for all pourable mi ...
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Bosch Universal Cookie Whisks
Bosch Universal and Universal Plus Cookie Whisks CLICK HERE FOR BOSCH UNIVERSAL PLUS COOKIE WHISK DEMONSTRATION  muffins and quick breads pie crust cake batters so we ...
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BOSCH Universal Cookie Paddles
  Bosch Universal Cookie Paddles Set of 2   make all kinds of cookie dough mash potatoes make rolled fondant make puff pastry mix meat lo ...
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BOSCH Universal French Whip (single)
BOSCH Universal French Whip (Sold singly)These are the whips that came with the Bosch machine.  They will whip anything that pours.  Frostings, icings, cake mixes, batter, whipping cream and ...
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BOSCH Universal Cookie Paddles and Metal Whip Drive
BOSCH Universal Cookie Paddles and Metal Whip Drive #MUZ6CP2    If you own a Universal Plus machine with the white plastic whip drive, we recommend that if you wish to add a set of Coo ...
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Bosch Universal Bowl Scraper
 NEW - BOSCH BOWL SCRAPER Another genius attachment for your Bosch Universal Plus, Universal. or UM3 Kitchen Machines.  It attaches to the whip drive while the mixer is working!  Scrap ...
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Bosch Universal Dough Hook Extender
 BOSCH UNIVERSAL PLUS DOUGH HOOK EXTENDERIf you ever want to knead a small amount of dough, this new dough hook extender will work to push the dough away from the centre post and into the dough h ...
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BOSCH Slicer - Shredder
BOSCH UNIVERSAL Slicer - Shredder  CLICK HERE FOR A SLICER/SHREDDER DEMONSTRATION The Bosch Universal Slicer/Shedder is our most popular attachment for the Universal.  You can dice vegeta ...
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Mini Dough Hook for Slicer Shredder Attachment
NEW - MINI DOUGH HOOK FOR SLICER SHREDDER ATTACHMENT Here's a small dough hook that fits in the Slicer/Shredder attachment that will allow you to make small batches of bread dough (2lbs). FEATURES: ...
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Bosch Universal New Style Slicer/Shredder
BOSCH UNIVERSAL NEW STYLE SLICER/SHREDDERON SALE NOW $106.99 (reg. /$139.99)Click here to see New Style Slicer/Shredder demonstrationIf you ever want to grate or slice a lot of food at once but found ...
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Bosch Universal Blender Complete
BOSCH UNIVERSAL BLENDER COMPLETE This blender is perfect for blending soups, making smoothies, and pulverizing ice.  This is the whole blender complete that will work on all the models of the Bo ...
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Flour Sifter Attachment for Bosch Universal
L'EQUIP FLOUR SIFTER ATTACHMENT FOR BOSCH UNIVERSAL Ever wanted to get the bran out of your fresh ground flour for making bran muffins?  Or use freshly milled whole wheat flour for making pastr ...
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BOSCH Universal Food Processor
BOSCH UNIVERSAL Food Processor SEE OUR NEW BOSCH UNIVERSAL PLUS FOOD PROCESSOR DEMONSTRATION HERE Fits Bosch models UM3, MUM604070, MUM6621, MUM6622, MUM6610 as well as the all new Universal Plus M ...
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BOSCH Universal Citrus Juicer
BOSCH UNIVERSAL Citrus Juicer   This attachment to the BOSCH Universal makes juicing citrus fast and easy.  For lemons, lines, grapefruits and oranges.  Clear container with pour ...
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Bosch Universal Stainless Steel Bowl - Old Style
BOSCH Universal Stainless Steel Bowl- Old Style Back by popular demand, the Bosch Universal Old Style Stainless bowl with the upside dough hook can make up to 7 Whole Wheat loaves of bread (2 lb.) or ...
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Bosch Universal New Style Stainless Steel Bowl and Splash Ring
BOSCH UNIVERSAL NEW STYLE STAINLESS BOWL AND SPLASH RING Back by popular demand the Bosch Stainless Steel Bowl will fit on any of the Bosch Universal, (UM6) Universal Plus (MUM6N), or older ...
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BOSCH Meat/Food Grinder Attachment
BOSCH UNIVERSAL  Meat/Food Grinder -  The Bosch Universal Meat grinder is one of our most popular attachments. The meat grinder is designed to fit all Bosch Universal stand mixer/kitchen ma ...
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BOSCH Pasta Attachment
BOSCH Pasta and Noodle Attachment CLICK HERE FOR BOSCH UNIVERSAL PASTA MAKING DEMONSTRATION Lets you make 10 different shapes of pasta . Attaches to the food and meat grinder. Easy and great for c ...
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BOSCH Pastry Press
BOSCH Universal Pastry Press Attachment Helps you make 4 different fancy shapes of shortbread cookies. Attaches to the food and meat grinder.  All metal parts. ...
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BOSCH Grating Attachment
BOSCH GRATING ATTACHMENT Grating Attachment fits on the front of the meat grinder for grinding hard foods like nuts, coconut, parmasan cheese.  Great for bulk grinding.  All metal part ...
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BOSCH Universal Berry Press
Bosch Universal Berry PressCLICK HERE FOR A BOSCH UNIVERSAL BERRY PRESS DEMONSTRATIONBosch berry press is an electric food strainer. Great for apple sauce ( skins and pits come out the end) or ta ...
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BOSCH Sausage Stuffer set
BOSCH Sausage Stuffer Attachment (metal) SEE OUR NEW BOSCH UNIVERSAL SAUSAGE STUFFER DEMONSTRATION HERE The all stainless set of 3 sausages stuffer tubes are 5" long and contain 1/2" (1.5& ...
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BOSCH Universal Mini-Whip
BOSCH UNIVERSAL MINI-WHIP FOR THE SLICER/SHREDDERBosch Universal Mini-whip fits on the Slicer/Shredder Attachment and allows you to mix or whip smaller quantities.  It drops on the middle spindle ...
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Flaker Attachment for Bosch Universal
FAMILY GRAIN MILL OAT FLAKER, OAT ROLLER, GRAIN ROLLER BOSCH UNIVERSAL ATTACHMENT Click here to watch a Flaker DemonstrationWheat flakes can also be made but softened the kernels or wheat berries ...
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Family Grain Mill Bosch Attachment
 Family Grain Cereal Mill Attachment for Bosch Universal or Universal Plus MixerThe Family grain mill will connect easily on to your Bosch Universal or Universal Plus mixer and mill all kind ...
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