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BOSCH Universal Berry Press $164.99

Bosch Universal Berry Press


Bosch berry press is an electric food strainer. Great for apple sauce ( skins and pits come out the end) or taking the seeds out of raspberries, blackberries etc. Use also for grapes and tomatoes and any soft fruits or vegetables to make sauces, wine, or jellies. Works on the Meat Grinder attachment

With apples for example, you simply quarter them and steam them to fork tender then put them through the meat / food grinder with the fruit berry press accessory attached and you can literally make one bushel of apples into applesauce in about 10 minutes. This accessory has a pressure plate at the exit side of the strainer. Tighten the adjustment dial and the pulp or waste is bone dry! Tomato sauce is the same, just amazing. You can put a plastic bag with an elastic over the end were the seeds and skins come out to catch and discard.  Save time and energy!

Some things we like to do with our puree from the berry press


  • make applesauce
  • make fruit leather
  • freeze the berry puree to use frozen to make punch by adding soda water or gingerale
  • make concord grape jelly
  • make tomato catsup
  • make fruit jams


Berry Press Parts are available here or by phoning our toll free line 1-888-735-1044

Customer Review

Berry Press - I thought I'd write to say I used the berry press on Wednesday.  I made cranberry applesauce and did my tomatoes with ease. I love it.  I put a touch of maple syrup in the applesauce with no other sugar. Best applesauce I've ever tasted.  The press is  extremely easy to use.  Michele Shaw - Kelowna, B.C.

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