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   Derby 2009  hosted by Bob and Doreen Paulsen in the beautiful Blenkinsop Valley.


June 9/09

Welcome to the first report for the CCRPC 2009 derby.  As you will see from the entry list, we have a total of 58 birds entered this year and the prize monies have been adjusted accordingly.  The birds have been medicated and most of them have been out flying and are kitting up.  All of the birds are in good health and they're getting in great shape by dodging the falcons and hawks.    A bonus for us this year is that we have a mated pair of bald eagles residing in the field behind us and they seem to be helping to ward off trouble for all our birds.  Once again, Bob and I are honoured to have the chance to train and shape your birds into the champions that you all hope they will be.  As always, we will do our very best.  In the next couple of weeks we will fit them with the electronic bands in order to get an accurate count of the loft to report to you.    Yours in the sport, Doreen & Bob.

June 17/09

As you can see, we have a few losses around the loft.  The  falcon is hunting on a regular basis so we try to let the birds out at different times of the day.   We have noticed a regular hunting pattern and avoid letting them out so he sets his hunt as per our schedule.  Last Monday the birds had a relaxing day and had their first official bath.



June 22/09                       

We started training last Saturday from approx. 10 km. and had some losses.  Trained again on Sunday to try to pick up any wayward birds.  As of this morning there are 13 birds missing.  Will train again on Wednesday if the weather allows.  We are sorry to report that AU 9019 flew against our house and died.  It was surprised by a falcon.  We do hope we pick up more of the missing birds. 

 July 5/09

The birds now have 8 training tosses behind them.  We now have 38 birds remaining and they are looking great. Most birds are on their 3rd. and 4th. flights. The last toss was from 50 km. up at 6:45 am. and home at 8:20 a.m.  That time on the wing would give them a valuable education. There were 25 birds in the first drop.  Monday we hope to get further up the island. 

July 7/09

Monday we trained from Chemanius and it proved to be an experience.  Packed 38 derby birds and released them under cloudy skies, with a slight wind, about 12:10 p.m.  They took 3 rounds and out of dam well no where came the falcon.  He took them up high and split them into two flocks but we could not see that he had taken any.  We had several spectators gathered around us and they were cheering for the pigeons.  One flock headed north and the others we lost track of.  We arrived home and at 4:44 pm there was a grand total of 14 birds home.  The first bird at 14:08, second bird at 15.00, the third and fourth at 16.17, and a drop of 5 at 17:02.  By  19:30 we had 33 birds in the loft.  One arrived this morning at 06:28 giving us 34 home to date.  We will give the straglers a day and report our losses on Wednesday.

July 8/09

Tony Correia was here cleaning again and commented on the condition of the birds.  He noted that the droppings were tight like  marbles with chalk white tops.   That indicates the birds are in good health and recovered from the stressful toss on Monday.  They feel really good.  Check the list for the latest inventory as of 8:00 pm Victoria time.

July 10/09

This morning we took the birds on a short 15 km. toss to keep them sharp and in shape.  Packed 34 birds and 34 birds home.  Loft flying tomorrow and then Tony will train them from up island on Sunday.  We are right in line with our schedule from past years.

July 13/09

We had a good toss on Sunday from 65 km. 23 birds trapped in 2.5 minutes. We packed 34 birds and have a total or 32 home.  Total flying time 1 hour and 6 mins.  During packing Sunday morning,Tony & Bob handled each birds and checked them out.  Eyes clear and no mucous in the throats.  All indications that they are in good health.

July 22/09

Monday, July 20th. we tossed from Parksville with a total of 31 birds and 1 injured held at home.  Released at 11:15 a.m. into clear skies with a strong tail wind.  The flock made a few turns and without hessitation, headed for home.  Flyng distance 112 km.  15 birds in the drop at 12:43 p.m.  That was fast.  By the end of the day there was 26 birds in and total tonight is 28.  Friday training again on a short toss to keep them sharp.

July 24/09

Tony packed 28 birds on Thursday night for Bob to take on a 15 km. tune up toss this morning.  The birds over nighted in the baskets and had ample opportunity to drink from the water trays before release.  26 birds were home within 20 minutes of release and 2 sat on the loft a while.  The birds are in prime condition and the droppings are firm.   Some birds are just starting a slow molt which maybe due to the warm conditions here this year.  We're in the high 20's in the day and mid teens in the evening.  Planning another toss on Sunday leaving Victoria at 5 A.M. with an early release from Courtenay.  Dale driving and Bob navigatng  & riding shotgun! 

N.B. IF YOU WISH TO COVER BIRDS ON THE EXTRA WE NEED TO KNOW BEFORE AUGUST 1st. 2009.  Contact or phone us at 250 477-5639 A.S.A.P or loose out on your chance to cover your bird or another one. 

July 26/09

Sundays training on time as planned.  27 birds packed  with a 7:35 am release from Courtenay.  Weather clear and calm.  First birds home at 12:13 pm with a drop of 8.  The next 7 came in just prior to 1 and the rest as singles so the later ones  got a good education.  This toss was 180 km. which is an increase of about 1 1/2 hrs. flying time since the last one.  We did loose 2 birds as of writing this entry and we are very sorry to add that Cen Alta 2464 was hawked in our yard on Friday afternoon.  I did not give the hawk the satisfaction of having it for supper.  It's reported to me that the birds are responding well and anxiety in the baskets is low.  They travel quietly and when put on the ground they're allert and ready to fly with confidence.  Even when broken up they seem to have the mental capacity to work their way home.  We can see that the loft flying is keeping them in top shape  and able to repond to all the demands made of them.  There are a few more pin feathers in the loft but their ears are covered and for the most part, full plumage elsewhere.     They are a fine team and it gives us great pride in seeing the results of all our work with your fine birds.   We will give them some TLC and home time until the first race on August 1st.  Good luck to everyone.  Many thanks for your kind remarks regarding my diary entries.  We do feel it's very important to keep our friends as up to date as possible.

Remember the Extra.


Tonight, Bob and I have just learned of the passing of Fred MerrimaN (GRUMPS).  He was a long time supporter of our derby.  We in the Capital City Racing Pigeon Club in Victoria, pass on our sincere sympathies to his loving wife Lorna, sons Len and Bill, and to all his family and friends.   You will be missed Fred and thanks for the years of friendship.


Saturday, August 1/09

Bob and I handled  the birds on Friday night after they had rested and been fed a week of balanced treats.   They were indeed feeling good and Bob was very pleased with their racing form which is a tribute to his knowledge of all the years in the sport.   Only the fit will race and they were all fit.   Dale and Bob left at about 5 am this morning and released the 25 champions at 8 a.m. with a large audience of seniors looking on in Campbell River.  The birds had a good chance to drink from the baskets.   They made two circles in a clear, calm sky attaining height right away and they were off.  They managed the 214 km race in fast time recorded at 1180 m.p.m.  There were15 birds home in the first drop and again 2 sat on the roof.  The first bird was AU 9014 @ 11:00:37.  As of 9:18 this evening we now have a total of 23 birds in the loft and hope for the other 2  to be there in the morning.  The weather and conditions were ideal for this race and the birds made great time. 


 Monday, Aug.3/09

There are 24 birds in the loft tonight.  Weather is cooling down now with some relief from the heat wave.  Any questions or comments please get in touch.  Second race August 8th. which should be from Woss.  Hardeep driving and Bob in the navigators seat again.  Good luck everyone.

Saturday, Aug. 8th./09

24 birds released from Campbell River this morning.  Cloudy sky, 15 degrees and a slight side wind.  We drove up past Campbell River but the weather was closing in so we pulled back.  Race distance remains at 214 km.  Release time 08:30.  Fourteen in a drop with the first bird cloacked at 12:01:50 VIC 515 belonging to B & D Paulsen.  Results to be updated later tonight on the Results Page only as I'm a bit short of time right now.  

Monday, Aug. 10/09

Some time late this afternoon the hawk took a bird.  Sorry to say that it was a derby bird when we are down to the wire on the last race.  It was MTN.P 493.

Tuesday, Aug. 11/09

I hate to have to repeat the Monday message once again but the %#@?! hawk got another one while we were out this afternoon.  Sorry that VIC 808 was the target today.

Wednesday, Aug. 12/09

VIC 808 is back!  The hawk must have taken one of Bob's youngsters.  808 must have sat out overnight and come in sometime this morning.  Now we're 20 again.  The weather report for Saturday looks great for both the garden party and racing.  The Calcutta board will not open before 1 pm so that should give those of you from out of town plenty of time to get involved.

                       Saturday, Sunday, & Monday updates.

Our driver Kelly drove the birds all the way to Nimpkish.  The weather was very good with high clouds and temps. around 11 degrees.  20 birds released at 10 am -- distance 320.033 km. and the race is on.  At home loft the garden party is well attended starting the morning with Timmy donuts, muffins, and coffee.  Following that we  enjoyed  my home made clam chowder, burgers and hot dogs  grilled up by chef Dale and soux chef, Judy.      Judy also made a fantastic Greek salad and a blueberry desert to die for.  Judy, I don't know what I would have done without you.  You rock girl!   First bird on the scene was VIC 517 who decided to come home a week late from another race  and shocked everyone.  The first official race bird and winner was CU 16223  at 16:42:04 entered by Ken Snider followed by MIR 967 entered by B. Merriman and the 3rd. day bird was Vic 808 from D. Hill.  These three birds came in one drop and the balance the next day.  We have closed off the race as of 9 pm Sunday night with all positions on the boards being paid out.   In closing, we have to thank Tony Correia for his tireless help to keep the loft clean,the birds packed for training, and his skills on the day with the Calcutta board and auction assisted by Shandra.  We appreciate the help in driving from both Dale Corry  and Hardeep Sahota to assist Bob.  And, many thanks to Kelly (last name I don't know) for leaving at 4 am to get the birds to Nimpkish. on race day.  Once again Bob and I are very proud to have had the chance to mould your fine birds into the flying team that they have become.  We have no control over the preditors but we do have some tricks to help the pigeons out that seem to work. 

Congratulations to AU 9014 (Goodchild/Corry) winner of 1st. Campbell River.  VIC 515 (D.& B Paulsen) winner of 2nd. Campbell River, and  CU 16223 (K. Snider) winner of Nimpish.

ACE BIRD VIC 636 Geoff Hett total points over 3 races.


 Many thanks to all of you that entered and those that helped make this a special day.  Grumps might have had some heavenly help to make sure Bill Merriman's bird came in second & I'm sure and it was fitting considering  he was going to attend as he had done over so many years.  .

Until next time.  All the best from Doreen and Bob Paulsen in the beautiful Blenkinsop Valley.


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